Quality Home-Based Services

Basic Visit

A basic visit may include services such as: feeding, potty breaks, medication, poop scoop, play time, short trips on leash, and wellness checks. We will customize our visit for your needs.
$20.00 for the first 20 to 30 minutes.

Additional time for basic visit functions
$10.00/10 minutes

Dog Walking for aerobic exercise of active medium and large dogs. In most environments we walk one dog at a time to insure that we are able to respond to an emergency situation. We will walk multiple-dog households individually.
$10.00/10 minutes

Pet Transport

Transport to vet or groomer allows your pet to make appointments when you are busy. Time may be split around appointment.

Vacation package

Customized pet care to include multiple visits from early morning to night, and home services such as taking in mail, watering plants, and adjusting blinds/shades/lights. Rest assured we will exhibit professional conduct, honesty, integrity, and respect for your personal property and privacy.

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